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Creativity & Development With Iris Visual


Art pencils, scrap paper, and boxes full of sketched out characters are common items you will see spread across the floors, tables, and walls of our home.I’m currently raising 3 children who are passionately creative and have fallen in love with art.
As a mom, I tend to pick up quickly on when my kids aren’t doing ok. I started to sense something was off with McCarthy our eldest son, while he was reading and writing, or anything within close distance to his eyes. When I asked him about it, he said that he was experiencing blurry vision and headaches from looking at things in close range. He was trying his best to push through it, because as a kid, he didn’t fully know what was going on.

We took him into IRIS to have his eyes checked, and sure enough he was needing glasses! In the process of having his eyes checked, I learned that 80% of children’s creativity is often developed through their eyes. Even by the age of 1 our eyes are teaching us to grasp, reach, throw, and exercise our motor skills.

I’m so thankful for the team at IRIS who quickly got McCarthy set up with the prescription he needed, and both educated us and reminded us of the importance of having kid’s eyes examined at an early age. His art collection, accurate baseball arm, and love for school is a daily reminder of the incredible stage of learning and discovery we are in.

These are the greatest days of their lives!

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