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Life and Colour


When I started having kids (almost 8 years go gasp) I was determined to not lose my love for fashion. I’ve always had a love for it, and love to push the envelope when it comes to my own fashion

But then kids happened. Work happens. And you find yourself putting yourself on the back burner when it comes to self-care. Over the past two years I have taken on more projects, work, and clients than I ever have before, and in doing so, I’ve slowly drifted away from what makes me feel like me. I’ve booked clients in my personal workout times, skipped my own quiet time in the mornings, and put things like hair appointments on the “SHOULD DO” list, with no room on my actual “TO DO” list. And slowly I felt my edge start to leave. I’m completely aware that this might sound silly to you if you’ve never found yourself in this place before, but I want to encourage you to actually take a few minutes and ask yourself if your body, mind, or soul is missing. Is it a good sweat? A decent meal? Or maybe it’s giving your wardrobe a little refresh.

Heres my locks before “Christine Leblanc,” gave them a major refresh


I knew for a while I wanted to give my hair some love and freshen up my Mom-style a bit. Because I teach so much and am constantly transitioning from sweaty hair to school pick up or meetings, I needed something that would be easy to add some styling product to on the go! Christine Leblanc was highly recommended to me by someone she had previously worked with, their exact words being “If you ever need a stylist there is a woman I know who is perfect for you. She is edgy, crazy talented, and is incredible at listening to what her client really wants!” I didn’t think twice. I went in for a consultation with Christine and knew right away that she was my hair soul sister. She listened, told me what would and would not work, and ultimately brought me to a hair style and cut that was the perfect update for my lifestyle.

One of the things I knew for sure going into the appointment was that I wanted to let go of my brittle, damaged ends. So a good chop of about 5 inches was in order. In the past, cutting even my ends off gave me anxiety, but this time I was so ready to let go of the damage I pushed past the fear. Then I wanted to add some blonde to give my hair more of a beach feel. I love the surfer girl/dirty blonde look and find it’s such a great colour for hiding sweat! haha

For my colour Christine did a root colour, foiled highlights and lowlights, and then a colour melt toned to blend all the goodness together.

I couldn’t be more thrilled with my new hair and the knowledge I left with!

Christine didn’t just update my look, she also taught me how to care for my colour, take care of my hair, and rinse the salt from my hair without having to shampoo my hair after every workout (I had no idea a product like that even existed.) I’m going to do a follow up post on hair care, how to keep your colour vibrant, and what some of my favourite new products are! So stay tuned.

You can find Life and Colour Salon on Instagram @lifeandcoloursalon

Message them with questions, check out the amazing work their staff does, and do yourself a favor and book an appointment!

To see the complete makeover, check out the whole video and enjoy more photos below.


All video and photography was done by the incredible Megan Bustard


Thank you so much Christine Leblanc for all the hard work you and your team put into my hair!

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