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The Little Details That Change Everything


There a few things that separate a good trainer from a great trainer.

One of them being able to see the fine details. The little raise of a hip, slight drop of a shoulder or the way a client favours a area of their body. Being able to see clearly and understand a clients body is not just important for my job but essential. In the last couple years, I realized that clients faces in class started to become a bit unclear, I would come home with headaches from straining my eyes to see and at times would miss things that were happening to a clients body that should have been noted.
I decided to go have my eyes checked at IRIS and realized my eyes site is not really that bad but my site is a bit unbalanced in my eyes and causing my eyes to blur or strain. Because my job includes constant movement, I decided to go with contacts for my work days and glasses for activities like Motherhood. reading, driving ect.
Iris was super helpful with assisting me with finding the right style and I honestly wish I had taken the time to do this sooner. I feel as a Working Mother we often times put our needs tot the back burner and make sure everyone else is taken care of first. Things like eye appointments, doctors appointments and self care get put aside. In my case I put this appointment off so many times and it effected the quality of my work as a trainer. I love being able to clearly see what is happening in every area of my class now and being able to see the details in my clients practice as they move through their routines.
If you’re looking for new eyeglasses or setting up a eye appointment, head over to IRIS.ca

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